Slowly Coming Together

Monday, July 18th, 2011

The other night I randomly started reading my old journal. I was glued to the computer for nearly two and a half hours, reading three year’s worth of entries dating back to 2002. This was back when livejournal and xanga were popular, I was obsessed with Dashboard Confessional, and living on the east coast wasn’t even a thought in my mind.  I was 19 and lost,  filled to the brim with an intense desire to be loved. My old entries are filled with a love and innocence that I no longer recognize or identify with, almost as if the stories happened to someone else. I guess that’s part of growing up.

Anyway, I found an old survey/meme that I filled out and one question asked where I thought I’d be in ten years (which would technically be in 2012).  I said I wanted to be in Seattle or California, writing and playing music. So I  was 2/3 right about everything, that’s close enough. Maybe this means I’m becoming the person I hoped I’d become?

I just found out that I’ll be published in Bamboo Ridge’s 100th anniversary issue, scheduled to be released in early 2012. It’s quite an honor to share the pages with so many talented writers, including Bill Teter, Jim Harstad, and Lanning Lee, who I have looked up to since I was in intermediate school. They’re having an event tomorrow night called Wine and Words at Manoa Valley theater (it’s sold out!) where authors will be reading some of the pieces that will be featured in the anniversary issue. I will unfortunately not be there because it costs an arm and a leg to fly home during summer, but Bill Teter has graciously offered to read for me and I know he’ll make my piece sound much more magical than it is, which is more than fine with me. If you have tickets to the event, please go and show them support. If you don’t have a ticket, just stand near the theater and cheer as loud as you can between readings.

In other news, the fifth and final issue of the Hawaii Women’s Journal is now out! I have a creative non-fiction piece in there, plus there’s a great interview with Maya Soetoro-Ng (who used to teach at UH Lab School) and TONS of great stuff from other talented writers. It’s really a labor of love and it shows. If you’re interested in reading issue #5, check it out [here].

Working with the editors of HWJ has been, hands down, one of the best writing experiences I’ve had in my life. I know I’m gushing like a schoolgirl,  but these women are so incredibly talented, it blows me away. I am so grateful to have had this unique opportunity to work with all of them. If I turn out to be even a 1/4 as great as they are as writers, I will be set for life.

For the longest time, I feel like I’ve been playing dress up, sitting at a toy typewriter and pretending the letters I’ve strung together actually mean something other than gibberish.

But today, today I think I feel like a writer.

Unique LA 2011 | Craft in the City

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Happy May, my friends. I have officially been in LA for over a year now–I survived! Although I still have no concept of direction and don’t know how to find the 405 without my trusty GPS, I’ve grown in many other ways. LA has pushed me to actively work on improving my craft and network as much as possible. Everything moves much faster in LA–kind of like in DC–except in LA there’s always an irrational movie-esque hope that you might get your big break here. I admit it, I feel like that sometimes.

Unique LA was this past weekend at the California Market Center. I missed it last year and this year’s experience definitely made up for it and then some. There were so many talented artists/designers and I was really fortunate to chat with a bunch of ’em.  As you might have noticed, I’m the kind of person who usually has five or six different things going on at the same time. I like keeping busy that way. One of my latest projects is a blog titled Craft in the City. It showcases independent craft designers and artists, plus lots of nerdy stuff I come across online. Please check it out, if you have a moment to spare.