Musical Temperance

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Musical Temperance
(credit: Compassionate Revolt)

My angsty and musical blog series, Musical Temperance, debuted over at Compassionate Revolt¬†today. My first piece borrows from a creative non-fiction article I did for the Hawaii Women’s Journal a few years ago and it’s funny how¬†much (and yet, how little) has changed since I first wrote it.

I believe in the perfect mix. Yes, I was one of those dorky teenagers who made mix CDs and now I’m one of those dorky adults who make Spotify playlists. A good mix should feel like a bouquet of music, with thoughtful complementary songs intended for a specific person.

Here’s my first mix for Musical Temperance. It’s about beginnings, growing up, and all of that angsty stuff that exists in between.