And So We Meet Again

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I haven’t updated this blog since September of 2011. Oops! I had all these plans for writing about New Year’s Resolutions (like about writing more and exercising) and all that stuff, but now it’s mid-March and I’m still fat (but at least I’m writing, I guess).

Anyway, last month I went back home to Hawaii to visit my family. It was a fairly short trip and I returned to LA feeling kind of empty. Although I know I’m not meant to live in Hawaii at this point in my life, I always feel like I leave part of me behind when I leave. I feel like there are pieces of myself tucked away in so many places here.

I recognized my childhood self during a conversation with my Grandma.
I remembered how good it felt to laugh with my sister while driving into town together.
I saw myself in my Dad’s mannerisms, even down to his posture at a restaurant.
I remembered how being home pushed a heaviness on me that I could not shake.
I remembered how some friends just fit together, no matter how much time has passed.
I remembered and –almost– missed how layered my memories are here.

Yoneda Family Portrait.

I think I look like my Grandma.

So related.