Hawaii Women’s Journal, Bamboo Ridge, and my Cassette Tape Guts

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

I’m back from a much needed vacation and I’m ready to work. I forgot how much I love Seattle.  I love how nature juxtaposes itself with its city life and how winter feels like a real season, not some watered down version of it like here in Los Angeles. I used to daydream of making early morning runs to Pike’s Place for coffee and fresh picked flowers for someone I really loved. I imagined writing in an apartment with a big picture window overlooking the city. After all these years, I still think there’s a story waiting for me to write in Seattle.  One day.

My Creative Non-Fiction piece for the Hawaii Women’s Journal has been sent off, ready for the big guns editing of Jennifer Hee (and also Mayumi Shimose Poe if I’m lucky to have her as well).  Sometimes my writing is like a cassette tape with its guts pulled out in a tangled pile. Hee takes the time to carefully unravel my mess, wind it back up, and make it playable. Trust me, it’s no easy feat. She’ll turn my rambly, disjointed writing into something coherent. In college, my Creative Writing Professor changed my work around so much that it no longer sounded like me and instead sounded much like her. But Hee, she gets me, and that is why I call her BOSS.

Anyway, the latest issue of the Hawaii Women’s Journal (issue #4, I believe) is now live and  you can read it online here. I just spent the last hour going through it–it’s good stuff. Lots of very talented contributers. My CNF will be featured in issue #5, their anniversary issue, so I will keep you all posted.

In other news, I was one of eight winners for Bamboo Ridge’s November Short-Short Story contest. I consider myself to be in great company–my former English teacher and mentor Bill Teter was also a winner, as well as my other former English teacher and fellow UH Lab faculty, Jim Harstad. Both of their pieces are nothing short of amazing, so please check  them out if you get a chance.

Here is my piece, Ghost. Please read, comment, and share.